the first african in space
the crew
A new perspective
A snow- and ice-covered land mass passes hundreds of kilometres beneath the International Space Station. Mark spent some of his time on board the ISS taking photographs of Earth for the 'Plankton Lensa' experiment.
A new perspective
Cloudy vision
Cloudy vision
A new perspective
A new perspective
What a view!
What a view!
Landing Countdown to 05:51 05 May

Landing Complete!

The Team
Mark Shuttleworth
Dale Cupido
Karen Sharwood
Lara Keytel
Danie Barry
Freddy Khan
Vaughan Oosthuizen
Ravi Naidoo
Vuyo Dwane
Richard Mills
Nicolette Cronje
Wayne Derman
Peter Ribton
photos of earth
photos of earth
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after the mission
black sea training
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star city
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medical testing
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international space station
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Church of Jesus Christ

Zero-G Heart Rate Data

Next-generation Soyuz TMA Cockpit

Mig-25 Afterburners